Monday, April 21, 2014

MAESTRO Divan BED Set, 2 DRAWERS Same Side with Spring MEMORY FOAM Mattress, Headboard not included, Size: 2ft6 Small Single – other sizes available

Description : This bed is made using double jersey stretch fabric with superb sleep surface. The Memory Maestro mattress is made with the famous Memory Foam and supportive comfort layer mould to the body profile helping relieve pressure and promoting good blood circulation. Structured with a traditional coil spring unit. This spring memory foam mattress offers supreme comfort with total body support from head to toe.

Memory Maestro is a luxurious bed with double jersey knitted stretch fabric cover giving comfort at an affordable price.

The product is handmade in the UK, using the finest materials, conforming to the British standards.

Measurements (Select your choice of bed size from the drop-down list above):

2.6ft Small Single: Length: approx. 190cm Width: approx. 75cm

3ft Single: Length: 190cm Width: 90cm

4ft Small Double: Length: approx. 190cm Width: approx. 120cm

4.6ft Double: Length: approx. 190cm Width: approx. 135cm

5ft King: Length: approx. 200cm Width: approx. 150cm

For all sizes: Floor to mattress height: approx. 68cm Floor to top of headboard: approx. 110cm

Note: Sizes are approximates and may vary slightly

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